GrandDent Dental Clinic, Multi-specialty Dental Offices in Chiang Mai

Located just 5 minutes from Chiang Mai International Airport, we offer professional dental services carried out by experienced dentists in a clean and welcoming environment.

Our team of highly trained dentists and specialists is committed to providing the best quality dental care in Chiang Mai with international-standard technology and modern dental treatments and techniques.

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GrandDent Dental Clinic, Multi-specialty Dental Offices in Chiang Mai

We aim to provide excellent dental care to our patients. At GrandDent Dental Clinic in Chiang Mai, we care deeply about your comfort and well-being.

With over 38 years of experience, our dental clinic employs a team of multi-specialist, internationally trained dentists. Our dental professionals are here to provide effective treatments and ensure every visit meets your needs.

Discover why GrandDent Dental Clinic is among the best in Chiang Mai.
Our dentists’ patient-focused approach to dental wellness includes discussing all available treatment options and helping you understand the benefits and considerations of each to ensure your total satisfaction.

Our Chiang Mai dentists take pride in our co-diagnosis philosophy, ensuring that you’re an integral part of the decision-making process regarding your treatment options. This collaborative approach guarantees you’re fully informed and comfortable with every aspect of your care, from prognosis to fees.

At GrandDent Dental Clinic, we give you beautiful reasons to smile.


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Accessible Location 

Just 5 minutes away from Chiang Mai International Airport, our location offers unparalleled convenience for both local residents and international visitors seeking top-quality dental care in Chiang Mai.

International Standards 

GrandDent Dental Clinic adheres to the highest international standards, ensuring you receive the best dental treatments, using the latest technology and practices.

Experienced Dental Professionals 

Our team is comprised of highly skilled dentists in Chiang Mai, each with extensive experience in their respective specialties, ensuring you receive care from experts dedicated to excellence.

State-of-the-art Technology

From digital smile design to advanced imaging techniques, our clinic is equipped with cutting-edge technology to provide precise, efficient, and comfortable dental treatments.

Co-diagnosis Philosophy 

We value your input and actively involve you in the treatment planning process. This collaborative approach ensures you’re fully informed and comfortable with your care every step of the way.

Comprehensive Dental Services 

Whether you need routine care, emergency dental services, or complex cosmetic or restorative treatments in Chiang Mai, our dentists provide a full range of services to address all your dental health needs under one roof.

Personalized Treatment

We understand that each patient is unique. As such, we offer personalized treatment plans designed around your specific needs and goals, ensuring a bespoke dental care experience.

Comfortable Atmosphere

We believe in making your dental visit as relaxing and stress-free as possible, from the warm welcome you’ll receive to the serene clinic environment designed for your comfort.

Commitment to Preventive Care 

We emphasize the importance of preventive care and patient education to help you maintain optimal oral health and prevent future dental issues.

Contact our dental clinic in Chiang Mai to schedule your appointment to have the smile you dream of.

Our Most Popular Treatments


We specialize in helping our clients attain bright and beautiful smiles.


Dental Implant

Implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth, offering the look, feel, and function of natural teeth.


Full Reconstruction Combined With Multiple Procedures

A comprehensive solution combining multiple procedures to overhaul your teeth completely, improving both function and aesthetics.


Porcelain Veneers

Transform your smile with these thin, custom-made shells designed to cover the front surface of your teeth, enhancing your appearance dramatically.


Full Reconstruction With Dental Implant

This procedure involves a combination of durability and aesthetics. It provides a foundation for replacements that mimic your natural teeth perfectly.

Smiles We Have Created


Your search for the best dentist in Chiang Mai ends at GrandDent Dental Clinic. Our expertise, state-of-the-art treatments, and patient-first approach make us the preferred choice for anyone looking to enhance their oral health and beauty. 

At GrandDent Dental Clinic, every smile we craft showcases our commitment to excellence. We invite you to explore the smiles we’ve created and hear directly from our satisfied patients. Their stories are all about transformed smiles and transformed lives.

Choosing GrandDent Dental Clinic means entrusting your smile to one of the best dental teams in Chiang Mai. Our dentists’ commitment to quality, patient satisfaction, and continuous innovation in dental care sets us apart as the premier dental clinic in Chiang Mai.


Customer Reviews


Our patients' reviews speak volumes about the quality of care and the transformative experiences provided by GrandDent Dental Clinic. We’re honored to be considered their go-to for routine and specialized dental care, as well as being the emergency dentist Chiang Mai residents trust.

Satisfaction and Understanding Guaranteed 

We take the time to discuss all treatment options, including pros and cons, to ensure you’re completely satisfied and understand your care plan.

Experience the GrandDent Difference 

Ready to transform your dental health with a team that truly cares? Contact GrandDent Dental Clinic today to schedule your appointment and discover why we’re the top choice for discerning patients in Chiang Mai.