Your teeth for BIG occasion part 1

Are you ready to smile for the big occasion?

It’s that time of the year again when many couples are planning their wedding day. You’ll need to be ready for all the filming and photos being taken throughout the entire event. Are you prepared to smile? Here are some pointers to make sure that you can smile with confidence on every occasion over the coming season.

Step 1: Whiten your smile: One easy solution is to drop in to our dental clinic, where a fast and efficient sixty minute teeth whitening service is available. If you are pushed for time, alternatively why not ask your dentist about a clinically proven take-home whitening kit?

Step 2: Select makeup colours that bring out the best in you: Choosing the correct lipstick colour can immediately make your teeth look whiter. Bright colours such as red and berry, as well as cherry red and rosy pink are usually very flattering. It is best to steer away from lipsticks which contain blue undertones, as they make your teeth appear more yellow in colour. A bronzer can also be used to make your teeth look whiter.

Step 3: Be camera-ready: The first step is to relax the muscles in your face. Next, smile gently, be aware of your posture, tilt your head back and lower your chin a little. Your overall look can be improved by placing your head at a slight angle to the camera.