Choosing dentist 101

How to choose your dentist

Here are some pointers to bear in mind when you are choosing your dentist. You may have to take a number of elements into consideration before you select a practitioner that suits your individual needs. Identifying the correct dental surgeon is really important to make sure you avail of regular and preventative care on an ongoing basis. Choosing an appropriate dentist will also assist in reducing any fears or concerns you may have in relation to dental care.

Factors to consider when selecting your dentist:

Geographical location: Is your dental clinic near your home or your place of work? Appointments can be arranged with relative ease if the surgery is located close to where you live or work. This is practical consideration if you have a very busy lifestyle. Alternatively, you may be open to travelling some distance to a dentist that puts you at ease and that you trust.

Word of mouth: It is always worthwhile to seek a recommendation from family and friends. They will be able to tell you about their experiences of the dentist, as well as his or her personality type and style. If you identify a dentist you would like to visit, it is useful to check with friends beforehand to find out if any of them have attended the practice.

Online reviews: It is helpful to search for any reviews or testimonials posted online about the dentist you are thinking of attending. If you read anything negative, then you may wish to reconsider.

Services provided:  On a practical level, it is important to find out if the dentist can offer the type of service you wish to avail of. Establish whether they work with the entire family, or specialise in children or adults only. Can they provide sedation, if required? Are they in a position to cosmetic dentistry treatments?

Opening hours:  What hours is this service available and will they meet your individual needs? Do they provide an emergency service, if required?

When you have chosen a particular dentist, it may be useful to establish if they provide any incentive schemes for new patients joining the practice. If they do, then this is one less expensive way of finding out if he or she will meet your ongoing long-term needs.