Materials used for dental implant

Dental implants have been used in dentistry for over 40 years for the rehabilitation of edentulous patients. This therapy is now well documented as well as a scientifically accepted method of treatment. In general, there are two fundamental categories of materials that are used for dental implants. These materials include metallic materials and ceramics. Most dental implants are created from commercially pure titanium. Currently, there has been a development where zirconia dental implants are being developed and are attracting the interest of many dentists.

Titanium and their alloys are the most often utilized materials in the manufacturing of implants. Titanium implants have reached a gold standard for the replacement of teeth in dental implantology field. These materials have acquired the use due to their mechanical properties that are favorable, their perfect biocompatibility and the benefits that have well-documented results.

Roxolid ™ (Straumann, Switzerland) is an alloy of both titanium and Zirconium. According to the published study, these two are the only metals often utilized in implantology that does not prevent the development of osteoblasts, the bone forming cells that are important for osseointegration. Interestingly, preclinical research outcome indicated that Roxolid demonstrated improved strength and osseointegration capability at a similar level to be pure titanium.

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